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Cam’ron Launching Cape Line with Mark McNairy

Last night Cam posted a pic on Instagram that he says depicts a meeting between him and menswear icon Mark McNairy about a line of capes:

Me @iamjuju_ @duskopoppington @raquelmhorn @chinagram @saywordyo @dipsetusa1997 at @deirdremaloney spot with Mcnairy discussing our new Capeline #HateNowCapeLater #TrendSetter #NiggaWeMadeIt #BdayMonthLitt

He might just be fucking with us, but nothing about Cam’s persona leads me to believe that he’s anything but 100% serious.

I was just thinking last night that I’m probably gonna get a joint in black velvet with my own head, not just my face, but my whole disembodied head, emblazoned on the back.

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