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Prodigy Releasing Anthology on Special Edition Digital Player

Prodigy’s new solo anthology, The Most Infamous Vol. 1 drops on February 18th at your favorite digital music outlets, but it will also be available on this special edition, one-off mp3 player.

I suppose this is kinda cool if you’re a big Mobb Deep or P fan, but it has its drawbacks. According to the press release, the pre-loaded content can not be altered or removed, so it’s basically a player that will only ever play the 27-tracks that it ships with. And it costs $50.

That’s cool if you’re a SUPER Prodigy Stan, but I can’t imagine this is something the average person wants to lug around in addition to their iPhone or dedicated mp3 player.

Hit the jump for more pics and The Most Infamous Vol. 1 tracklist.

1 Not A Stan Producer: Alchemist
2 Genesis Producer: Prodigy
3 The One and Only Producer: Sid Roams
4 3 Producer: Alchemist
5 Am I Crazy Producer: Sebb
6 Illuminati Producer: Alchemist
7 Real Power Is People Producer: Sid Roams
8 Cold World Producer: Sid Roams
9 Black Devil Producer: Sid Roams
10 Stronger Producer: King Benny
11 What’s Happening (feat. T.I.) Producer: T.I.
12 Pretty Thug Producer: Ty Fyffe
13 Skull and Bones Producer: Beat Butcha
14 Serve Em Producer: Alchemist
15 Anytime Producer: Sid Roams
16 Get Money (feat. Boog Boogetz)Producer: Young L
17 Do or Die Producer: Alchemist
18 Twilight (feat. Havoc) Producer: Sid Roams
19 Keep It Thoro Producer: Alchemist
20 Dirty New Yorker Producer: Alchemist
21 Stop Stressing Producer: Sid Roams, Benny Needles
22 Young Veterans Producer: Alchemist
23 Return of The Mac Producer: Alchemist
24 Co-Pilot (feat. Wiz Khalifa)Producer: The Colombians
25 The Life Producer: Alchemist
26 Change Producer: Alchemist
27 The Rotten Apple Producer: Alchemist

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