Video: Would Nas Ever Drop an Illmatic 2?

Mikey Fresh speaks to Nasir for VIBE and asks him if he would ever consider dropping a sequel to Illmatic in the vein of Raekwon’s Cuban Linx redux. In my opinion he’d better not ever even consider this. In theory it could work, but the odds of whatever he’d end up releasing not fucking with the legacy are so slim it wouldn’t be worth it.

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2 Responses to “Video: Would Nas Ever Drop an Illmatic 2?”

  1. Joshua T. Says:

    Because “Summer on Smash” wasn’t forced, right Swizz? (“Fried Chicken” on the other hand is nearly perfect.)

    But I don’t know, Illmatic is so perfect. You can’t easily recreate that formula. All the way from the Intro to the last bars on “It Ain’t Hard to Tell”. As much as I like to see him get back to that style (which we did get on one of the opening tracks for “Life Is Good”) the risk far outweighs the reward. I say just continue on the path that the last album set. Just get rid of some of those duds & it’ll be a solid album.

  2. Digs Says:

    He should release it as a double album.
    First album: Original producers from the first set.
    Second album: Today’s elite, ahem, Madlib.

    Two brand new classics in one package!

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