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Report: Kanye Settles with Assault Victim for 250K

TMZ is reporting that Kanye has reached a settlement with that (alleged) little racist shit that he (allegedly) assaulted in a Beverly Hill’s doctor’s office after the kid mouthed off to Kim. Citing sources “familiar with the negotiations”, the gossip site says Kanye ended up paying the little fuckhead 250K. That’s a nice chunk of change, and it sucks that the kid gets to eat off Ye after spewing racist shit at a woman, but I suppose it could’ve been worse: those same sources say he was originally seeking a settlement in the high six figure range.

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7 Responses to “Report: Kanye Settles with Assault Victim for 250K”

  1. Mr. Freeze aka Muffler Lungs Says:

    This is some bullshit to be honest…

  2. Mag Says:

    Lol. just think how many times kims family has called people niggers low key.

    250k smh

  3. thekid10705 Says:

    Unfortunately, this is the world we’re living in. ‘Ye needs so stay the fuck outta the bullshit Hollywood world…Take it back to Chicago, give Rhymefest a hand with all the troubles youth out there.

  4. thekid10705 Says:

    Sidenote: Lawyers ruined America

  5. tre Says:

    That’s how society works unfortunately.

  6. AFGun Says:

    lol u guys sound like u need a tissue. save ur energy for something that actually matters lol

  7. JD Says:

    AFGun we can discuss running a train on your Mom while we eat a ton of sandwich meat on your couch

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