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Video: Ice Cube Talks Richard Sherman

In case you don’t follow football, or live under a rock, there’s been some controversy this week over a rant by Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman following his team’s defeat of the San Francisco 49ers in the playoffs last Sunday. It’s a bullshit controversy, based in white America’s inability to process the visual of an excited Black man being beamed into their living rooms where he could unduly influence their innocent children. (Think of the kids!) Here, Ice Cube, while visiting ESPN’s Sportsnation, spoke on the story. He says he doesn’t think Sherman should’ve necessarily called out San FRancisco WR Michael Crabtree personally, and Marcellus responds by comparing it to when Cube left N.W.A and dissed his old crew.

After the jump, he talks about working with Kevin Hart, Chris Tucker and Mike Epps, and plays a game called “Kobe or Cube”.

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