Kendrick Lamar Covers JET Magazine

K. Dot graces the cover of JET Magazine‘s Black History February issue where he speaks on everything from social responsibility, being inspired by rap moguls like JAY Z, the hood, and more.

On hip-hop’s role in Black History: “Hip-hop plays a huge part in Black history. It’s bigger than music. Entertainers are actually leading a generation today as role models, whether they want to or not.”

On his message in his music: “The songs aren’t for me. They are for that person who needs to hear them. People who live their lives to this music. So I take it a little further than just coming up with a clever line.”

On being inspired by JAY Z: “People forget that Jay Z is from the projects – but that inspires me. If this guy can go from the streets to the corporate world, that lets me know I’m open for anything.”

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