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20 Classic Nas Mixtape Cuts

It’s funny, but when you consider Nas’ discography, the numerous mixtape appearances that he made throughout the 90s and early 2000s are often overshadowed by his extensive catalog of commercial LPs. Truth be told, God’s Son spit some of his most exciting and memorable verses on the street  tapes of this era.

He was never the type of MC to flood the market with freestyles, a strategy that would eventually reap big rewards for artists like Fabolous and 50 Cent, but he certainly delivered a number of gems on a much less frantic schedule.

It’s no secret that a few of these recordings were early leaks, obtained by DJs using less than conventional methods, but many were “official” exclusives for some of the biggest mixtape purveyors of the time. For our latest installment of Mixtape Memories, we pulled together a bunch of these songs and freestyles into a pretty extensive list of “promotional use only” Nas music that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Click here to read Mixtape Memories: 20 Classic Nas Mixtape Cuts

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11 Responses to “20 Classic Nas Mixtape Cuts”

  1. jderrida Says:

    One of the goats

    Time waits for no man (c) Nas

  2. Hoskins Says:

    No Nigger tape? No Eldorado Black project?

  3. ip Says:

    @Hoskins great points those were both dope we spoke to Green Lantern about that tape in our interview with him, and I particularly love “Livin It” off Eldorado Black that’s a crazy exclusive, but we tried to keep it to pre-blog era street releases on some throwback #MixtapeMemories shit…thanks for the comment!

  4. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Blog writers chatting in the comments?? Since when did that happen at Nahright? Good for you though chief, nice read.

  5. ChivatosLounge Says:

    Great list…a lot of hidden gems. Check out this list from a while back of the top nas mixtapes of all time.


  6. Dan Says:

    Is a place where I can download these older tapes? I can find them anywhere

  7. nation Says:

    >> Blog writers chatting in the comments?? Since when did that happen at Nahright?


    What’s good Nick!

  8. rahrahrah Says:

    thanks for this one.

  9. EnglandRepresent Says:

    All good Nate. And you?

  10. ockz Says:


  11. 911 Says:

    Pac was like jesus, Nas wrote the bible..

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