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The Oral History of Juice

Myspace spoke to most of the surviving members of the cast and crew of the film Juice about the conception and production of the iconic hood flick. The piece includes commentary from writer/director Ernest Dickinson, co-writer Gerard Brown, producer Peter Frankfurt, Omar Epps (Q), Khalil Khan (Raheem) and Jermaine “Huggy” Hopkins (Steel). They also spoke to Hank Shocklee of The Bomb Squad, who scored the film and served as executive producer of the sountrack. Fab Five Freddy, Treach and Big Daddy Kane also contribued commentary.

Here, Ernest, Omar and Khalil talk about a time 2Pac beat up some kid who tried to steal jewlery from his trailer:

Omar Epps: There were fights happening all around.

Khalil Kain: Pac tried to keep it real. His trailer door was always open. He would smoke a little something, drink a little something. He didn’t want to separate himself from the kids in the neighborhood. But you can’t do that with everybody. They caught a kid and some of his partners that had robbed some of the jewelry out of Pac’s trailer. I wasn’t even working that day. I was just kind of showing off for some girl who I was taking up to the set. As we were walking up to the set, shit jumped off. Tupac and another dude were stomping this kid out. The girl I was with thought they were filming for the movie. And I was like, “Nah, that’s not a movie.”

Ernest Dickerson: The only reason the guy got away was because there was a car speeding up in the street and the guy broke away and jumped on the back of the car! [Laughs.] But while he’s stomping the guy all these people are screaming out of the window like, “You leave that boy alone!” So now I’m worried because this guy got beat up in the street in public. And a lot of times when something like that happens, somebody will want to get some payback. I’m just worried about somebody doing a drive-by on the film set. But it never happened.

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