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Q-Tip Partners with Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill For Native Tongues Inspired TV Series

Well now this looks interesting. Deadline is reporting that longtime friends Q-Tip and Leonardo DiCaprio are teaming up, along with Jonah Hill, to produce a TV series based on Tip’s experiences during the Native Tongues era.

It’s unclear what type of storyline the show will follow, but it’s being described as a drama that will focus on the friendships of the artists involved with the movement and the influence of their music both at the time and now.

The as yet untitled show will be produced through DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company and will be pitched to networks next week. The NT collective, anchored by A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and The Jungle Brothers was of course one of the most influential and groundbreaking alliances of artists in Rap history, so the stories should be deep.

Deadline via Miss Info

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3 Responses to “Q-Tip Partners with Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill For Native Tongues Inspired TV Series”

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  2. public school whitey Says:

    the native tongue movement was my absolutely favorite era of hip-hop, if not music!

    but how can this possibly see the light of day?
    will it take place at Maury Bergtraum High School in 88?

  3. hadesbaby Says:

    Wherever it takes place itll be better than “Life With Jeannie”. This could be the hip hop “Curb your Enthusiasm”. Should be dope af

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