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Gensu Dean & Guilty Simpson – Ink Blotches

About a year ago, Gensu Dean began working on a project (“Abrasions”) with Planet Asia. At the same time, label-mate Apollo Brown began working with Guilty Simpson on a record (“Dice Game”). The two producers lamented the other working with Guilty and Asia, respectively. So, an idea hatched: the two decided to challenge each other and create new versions of the other’s respective projects. Apollo would take half of Gensu’s album vocals with Planet Asia and rework them into the vision he had, while Dean would do the same to Guilty Simpson’s verses. The result is one project with two sides: “Abrasions: Stitched Up” and “Dice Game: Shaken,” set for release on January 14, 2014. “Ink Blotches” and “God Hour” are the first two drops from the project.

Listen to Apollo and Asia’s “God Hour” here.

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