Video: Maino ft. Jadakiss – What Happened

Directed by Mazi O.

Previously: Behind The Scenes

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3 Responses to “Video: Maino ft. Jadakiss – What Happened”

  1. NYNY Says:

    Hope the DJ’s play my record
    Yeah, he gon’ play my record
    If I rap like this and rap like that
    He gon’ pay attention
    When I cook it, cook it, bake it, bake it
    Cut it, cut it, swag it, swag it
    Twerk, twerk, work, work
    He gon’ play it, he gon’ play it

    Haha Mainooooooo goes hard *thumbsup*

  2. I'M>you Says:

    The song is a million times better than the video.

  3. DJ IXS Says:

    wow…such a disappointing video for such an important song.

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