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Video: Dame Dash on Being a Boss

Dame drops gems in these two clips from VIBE’s “My Philosophy” series. In part 1 above, he defines a “boss” and explains why somebody who doesn’t bring capital to the table can’t truly be considered the top dog.

In part 2 below, he explains why employing this approach will often lead to challenges, and how if you can reap greater rewards by weathering those storms.

“It’s not business if there’s not problems”

UPDATED with Pt. 3 below. Dame talks Jay, Cam and making his friends rich.

Previously: Dame Dash Attends The Jay-Z Concert

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4 Responses to “Video: Dame Dash on Being a Boss”

  1. real talk Says:

    dope. thanks for sharing.

  2. tidday talk Says:

    Dame Dash has started growing a little testicle stubble just because he’s somehow managed to wangle himself into a couple of photos with Jay-Z recently.

    Dame: give it up. We know about all the back-rent you owe. We know about the lawsuits you were threatened with by Curren$y and the Black Keys.

    Your garbage CEO brand sucked, and the new Dusko Poppington brand is going to go down the septic tank too. And that Vampire Life brand is the most down-market ghetto crap I’ve ever seen. Tell Jim and Chrissy I said hi.

    (And we know about what your son did too… )

  3. anon Says:

    So he wants to package “urban” culture and sell it to outsiders, (and keep the profits for himself), but he doesn’t want outsiders to have any say or control over how they consume it? Got it.

  4. Ans Says:

    this is brilliant

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