Beyonce Just Dropped an Album ft. Jay-Z & Drake

Bey just dropped a atom bomb on the internet with a completely unannounced 14-track self-titled LP. It features her baby’s pops and Drake on two cuts called “Drunk In Love” (stream below) and “Mine” respectively, and it includes videos for each track. In all it’s 14 brand new songs and 17 brand new videos. Here are previews of the videos for the two cuts featuring Jay and Drake, we’ll update with the full videos shortly.

UPDATE: Full videos added.

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4 Responses to “Beyonce Just Dropped an Album ft. Jay-Z & Drake”

  1. Danbury Says:

    Jay won

  2. Smack12Rappers Says:

    BeyoncĂ© is finer then ever. And Yeezus needs to go back to the drawing bored on how to advertise his his ‘BITCH’ or Hobbit

  3. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    Robert Sylvester Kelly >>>> Michael Joseph Jackson

  4. Winston Churchill Says:

    Beyonce is a white woman now?

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