South Park Spoofed Kanye Again

South Park took aim at Kanye again tonight on their 17th season finale episode, “The Hobbit”. I haven’t seen it yet, but Complex has a breakdown of the plot: something about Wendy beefing with a cheerleader and Photoshop and whether or not Kim Kardashian has some Hobbit in her lineage. The Kanye subplot doesn’t sound all that great, but it is South Park, so I’m sure they got at least a couple of good ones off. UPDATED with full episode after the jump.

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2 Responses to “South Park Spoofed Kanye Again”

  1. King Yeezus Says:

    Yeezus just rose again!

  2. numberONE Says:

    babi with a prostitute made famous by paris hilton and brandy’s bro.
    pathetic….his contributes to the feminization of black men. canye suxxxxxxx

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