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Jay-Z’s Albums Ranked (Nahright Edition)

I’ve done this a million times in my head and during arguments with other people, but I’ve never attempted to write it down and get definitive with it. But Jay went in so to hell with it, here goes.

1. Reasonable Doubt
2. The Blueprint
3. The Black Album
4. Vol. 1
5. American Gangster
6. Vol. 3
7. The Dynasty
8. Blueprint 2
9. Magna Carta Holy Grail
10. Vol. 2
11. Blueprint 3
12. Kingdom Come

Now, look at that list and tell me it’s not perfect. I originally said I’d only rearrange a couple of Jay’s rankings, but moving one makes you think, then you end up moving another and so here we are. As you can see, my top 3 mirrors Jay’s but we diverge at #4. I no longer care for Vol. 2 although I loved it at the time. I was one of the few people that didn’t hate Kingdom Come when it came out, but it has not held up well at all (or maybe it was never good). Blueprint 2 definitely had too many songs and I’m not counting 2.1. Had he dropped that from jump, it might have ultimately ranked higher. I also ignored both of the Best of Both Worlds LPs, as I did when they originally dropped.

Image by Jonathan Mannion

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18 Responses to “Jay-Z’s Albums Ranked (Nahright Edition)”

  1. Kid CUdi Says:

    foh eskay

    1. Reasonable Doubt
    2. The Blueprint
    3. American Gangster
    4. Blueprint 2
    5. The Black Album
    6. Vol 2
    7. Vol 3
    8. Magna Carta Holy Grail
    9. Blueprint 3
    10. Vol 1
    11. Kingdom Come
    12. The Dynasty

  2. Kid CUdi Says:

    If Blueprint 2 had all the best songs on 1 disc that would be Hov’s best album

    Hov in his prime + The Neptunes in their prime + Just Blaze in his prime = The GOAT songs

  3. Kid CUdi Says:

    Regardless the orders Hov’s albums are better than 97% of rappers (arguably the best along with Yeezy’s and Jeezy’s studio album catalog)

  4. Kid CUdi Says:

    It’s gonna take more than hate to get my focus off can’t knock the
    Hustle still stackin’ dead presidents They say he on his way out well that’s a
    Reasonable doubt ain’t no nigga’s like the ones I got friend or foe politics as usual
    I’m feelin’ it still livin’ with regrets with all these imaginary players you must love me
    I told you all in do time the city is mine

  5. 911 Says:

    Well.. This is cute, but I’d take

    It was written
    Life is good
    Street disciples

    And be better off..

  6. 911 Says:

    Shit.. add

    Lost tapes
    Hip hop is dead
    God son
    I am

    and I’d call that a better list.

  7. George Says:

    Jay-Z’s best album was The Wonderful World of Cease A Leo.

  8. 7v5a7 Says:

    daps 911
    Nas catalog >> Jay catalog

  9. Pookie Says:

    Welp. If a jay Z best album list can’t elicit more than 8 comments on nahright, I’m afraid to say

    Rip nahright

  10. EnglandRepresent Says:

    Life After Death
    Ready To Die
    Biggie Mixtape cuts
    Biggie Features
    Biggie rare released tracks

    All better than any Hov top albums list

    Biggie >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Camel

  11. Sonny Moore Says:

    december 4th = Hump Day

    happy bday, Camel

    1. blueprint 2
    2. blueprint 1
    3. dynasty roc la familia
    4. reasonable doubt
    5. vol 2. hard knock life
    6. vol 3 life and times of s.dot carter
    7. black album
    8.vol 1
    9. magna carter holy grail
    10. kingdome come
    11. ag

  12. hilly Says:


  13. NFLTrackSTAR Says:

    1. RD
    2. The Blueprint
    3. Vol. 2
    4. American Gangster
    5. Black Album
    6. The Dynasty
    7. Blueprint 2
    8. MCHG
    9. Vol. 3
    10. Blueprint 3
    11. Vol. 1
    12. Kingdom Come

  14. ApeLincoln Says:

    American G
    Kingdom Come

  15. ApeLincoln Says:

    Forgot about the dynasty. Which shows how important it was.

  16. NYN Says:

    funny thing is looking at that Nas catalog really makes you realize how shitty his albums really are.. nigga got 1 classic maybe 2.. and overall only 4 good albums

    Street disciples and Nastradamus are steaming piles of garbage..

  17. Belize Says:

    Dynasty is so overated…luckily Esk knows

  18. Belize Says:

    underated* woops

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