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Jim Jones ft. Trav, Mel Matrix & Philthy Rich – Hypocrits

More new music from Jim off the We Own The Night EP, which is out now.

Previously: Jim Jones – Awareness

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3 Responses to “Jim Jones ft. Trav, Mel Matrix & Philthy Rich – Hypocrits”

  1. b Says:

    give it up frankie, it’s over

  2. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    Please refrain from using the sn of the greatest man to ever type in these boxes. Gracias.

    Lyrics coming at you at supersonic speed (J.J. Fad)
    Uh, summa-lumma, dooma-lumma, you assuming I’m a human
    What I gotta do to get it through to you I’m superhuman
    Innovative and I’m made of rubber
    So that anything you say is ricocheting off of me and it’ll glue to you
    I’m devastating, more than ever demonstrating
    How to give a motherfuckin’ audience a feeling like it’s levitating
    Never fading, and I know the haters are forever waiting
    For the day that they can say I fell off, they’ll be celebrating
    Cause I know the way to get ’em motivated
    I make elevating music, you make elevator music
    Oh, he’s too mainstream
    Well, that’s what they do when they get jealous, they confuse it
    It’s not hip-hop, it’s pop
    Cause I found a hella way to fuse it
    With rock, shock rap with Doc
    Throw on Lose Yourself and make ’em lose it
    “I don’t know how to make songs like that
    I don’t know what words to use”
    Let me know when it occurs to you
    While I’m ripping any one of these verses, that versus you
    It’s curtains, I’m inadvertently hurtin’ you
    How many verses I gotta murder to prove
    That if you were half as nice, your songs you could sacrifice virgins to
    School flunkie, pill junky
    But look at the accolades these skills brung me
    Full of myself, but still hungry
    I bully myself cause I make me do what I put my mind to
    And I’m a million leagues above you, ill when I speak in tongues
    But it’s still tongue in cheek, fuck you
    I’m drunk so Satan take the fucking wheel
    I’m asleep in the front seat
    Bumping Heavy D and the Boys, still chunky but funky
    But in my head there’s something I can feel tugging and struggling
    Angels fight with devils and here’s what they want from me
    They’re asking me to eliminate some of the women hate
    But if you take into consideration the bitter hatred I had
    Then you may be a little patient and more sympathetic to the situation
    And understand the discrimination
    But fuck it, life’s handing you lemons, make lemonade then
    But if I can’t batter the women
    How the fuck am I supposed to bake them a cake then
    Don’t mistake him for Satan
    It’s a fatal mistake if you think I need to be overseas
    And take a vacation to trip abroad
    And make her fall on her face and don’t be a retard
    Be a king? Think not – why be a king when you can be a god?

  3. Kid Cudi Says:

    You call them raps that’s why them labels never call you back

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