Video: Kanye Spazzes on Sway

Kanye and Sway sat down for an interview earlier this morning and Ye absolutely lost it after the host suggested that he empower himself to succeed in the fashion world rather than waiting for the industry to give him that power. We’ll update with the full interview when it becomes available. UPDATED with full interview. Spaz after the jump.

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15 Responses to “Video: Kanye Spazzes on Sway”

  1. Kid Cudi Says:

    Kanye lost it

    Still makes good music but lost it

  2. Kid Cudi Says:

    Sway had him shook

  3. Joshua T. Says:

    If I was Sway, I would have lost it on that nigga. Ain’t no way you coming on my radio show & think you can spaz like that on me. Kanye always think he can’t get checked. And don’t those two have hostory? Sway should have blacked out on him.

  4. Not Pertinent Says:

    One admirable trait that Sway has is that he’s always been able to keep his cool in the midst of adversity, even when it seems that he’s being attacked directly or indirectly. I can remember when he was interviewing Mos Def in New Orleans and Mos was attacking MTV (which Sway was doing the interview for) & he overlooked it, because he understood the emotion (even though it could’ve hindered his paper). I think that Sway gave Ye the pass, because he understands how passionate dude is (to the point where he’s way off-kilter, because he’s super sensitive) & actually, Ye dropped some gems after he calmed down. It’s similar to what ?uestlove said in one of his interviews when comparing himself to D’Angelo; he said that he’s respected, but wants to be loved. He said that D’Angelo was loved, but wanted to be respected. With Ye, he wants both the love AND the respect, but with that, he also wants the benefit of the doubt when he rants, because he assumes that he’s more understood than he actually is…

  5. vcsom Says:

    im done w ye lol

  6. Kid Cudi Says:

    I can’t believe this man is 36 years old

  7. Gold Daytona Says:

    Kanye is a genius

    Only a sub 500 store brand fuck boy would disagree

    You see you little fucks

    Kanye is shootin for the stars

    He wabt 100 rings

    One hundred nigga

    Ye want 100 larry o briens

    Yo fuck assh

  8. Gold Daytona Says:

    You fck aez naze ggas

    Dont get it

    He wanna build citys

    You syupid nigs woreied bout a song

    Ye tryna build cities

    You worried bout a sng

  9. Gold Daytona Says:

    You fck aez naze ggas

    Dont get it

    He wanna build citys

    You syupid nigs woreied bout a song

    Ye tryna build cities
    You worried bout a sng

  10. Gold Daytona Says:










    Got dzçb

  11. hadesbaby Says:

    6 rings in already
    fuck Louis V

  12. hadesbaby Says:

    It might be about holdin white people to what they say. he’s hardheaded but he’s making them NOT pull a NOT pull a Tommy Hil. how yall callin this nigga batshit after our culture camps out for Jordans. A man who DOES run a company..JORDAN that supplies the entire prison population with jumpsuits. 150 dollar Tims. etc etc etc

  13. Sir Fakely Deep Says:

    Kid Cudi Says:
    November 27th, 2013 at 3:36 pm
    I can’t believe this man is 36 years old

    36 doesn’t mean what it used to. there has been a generational shift. it’s society, the economy, TECHNOLOGY etc. things are happening later in people’s lives too. you see 25y.o people that are damn near little kids, and people in their mid-30s now are basically living an extension of what USED to be mid-to-late 20s in previous generations. this is what happens. for a long time, there was no such thing as adolescence. there was just childhood, then STRAIGHT into adulthood. then came an in-between phase and people didnt know what to call it. now there’s childhood, adolescence, x, adulthood. x = a new “in-between” phase that some are calling “pre-adulthood” that lasts until a person’s mid-to-late 30s. good. give us more time to be young! I’m cool with that.

  14. Brolic Fonts Says:

    His delivery might be off, but Kanye been dropping gems.

  15. no shots, like stray dogs Says:

    How sway???

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