Raekwon is Into Fencing

GQ recently joined Raekwon and world champion fencer Miles Chamley-Watson, in a studio at Platinum Sound Recordings of all places, to witness a one on one lesson the champ was giving the chef. Rae had previously met Chamley-Watson at a listening session and the two became friends. After the lesson, they talked music, fencing, fashion (“Yeah, I’d wear a kilt”) and more.

Here’s Rae on his new LP, F.I.L.A.

I named it Fly International Luxurious Art, because I feel like it’s a lifestyle project. I did so much in my career that now it’s all about me at my best. I’ve managed to mature musically, but still keep that Wu sound. I connected with some powerful producers, like Jerry Wonda, people who I really looked up to and did so many fucking hit records, you know? We got another classic on our back. It’s stadium music. You want to make music for everybody, not just the underground cat. I’m not gonna give you just one dish—that’s never been my thing. That’s why the Wu made me the Chef. I’m always dealing with different flavors of music. I wasn’t scared to do a Justin Bieber record with Kanye. At the time, everyone was like, “Rae, don’t do it, don’t do it!” But it’s all about taking chances and believing in what you believe. I always want to come out a winner, but sometimes you’ve got to lose to win. Fortunately, I ain’t lose on that one.

Hit GQ to check out the full Q&A

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