Maino Talks Trinidad James Comments

“He gotta apologize to New York City”

Maino called into the Hot 97 Morning Show earlier to offer his thoughts on the comments Trinidad James made about New York.

Co-sign everything he said.

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2 Responses to “Maino Talks Trinidad James Comments”

  1. Nino Demayo Says:

    it’s funny who people will respond to and when..It can be thr truth, just don’t say it, huh? Maino loses a point for this one..especially when he said the same shit and made a song about it..sounds like he just don’t like James and want an excuse to voice it..but whatever works, I guess..Doing anything EXCEPT making some good music seems to be the option for these niggas..

  2. ERI Says:

    nobody cares about that regional shit anymore, tbh.

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