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Video: Trinidad James Says The South Runs NY

If you were on Rap Twitter last night, you might have seen a few people discussing this Trinidad James diatribe at the Converse Rubber Tracks event in Brooklyn. I saw the tweets but I wanted to reserve my opinion until I could actually hear what he said, in context, with my own ears.

This is some royal fuckboy shit right here. Why are we still throwing gas on this NY vs. The South bullshit? In 2013? I thought we were past this. Here I am, sticking up for this kid to New Yorkers who dismiss him as a buck-toothed gimmick, and he turns around and pulls this shit. Just keep your mouth closed and Rap yo. You’re in New York, on-stage, and people are fucking with you, yet you feel the need to be disrespectful? Stop It.

NYC is looking so soft and fluffy right now. I heard a few people giving him shit back, but you’re supposed to rush the stage and eat a nigga’s food when they feel comfortable enough to spout some dumb shit like that and then puff out their chest out on some “what are ya’ll gonna do about it”. There’s no other acceptable response in that situation and the fact that New York doesn’t know this is beyond sad.


Then again, this shit happened in the New Hipster Brooklyn, which is a far cry from the Brooklyn I used to know. The Brooklyn that I used to know, which still exists in certain neighborhoods, wouldn’t have let this kid out of the venue with his sneakers on.

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11 Responses to “Video: Trinidad James Says The South Runs NY”

  1. Gold Daytona Says:

    T James is right

    Southern hip hop all over hot 97

    NY been soft that aint nuttin new

    Cali running the game

    the south runnin NY

    NY mufuckas eitha old washed up yearning for golden days holdin on for dear life i.e young beer cane droppped in menace

    or they got leggings and skirts on etc


  2. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:


  3. Gold Daytona Says:

    The Brooklyn that I used to know, which still exists in certain neighborhoods, wouldn’t have let this kid out of the venue with his sneakers on.


    same guy typed these words let a foul blue black mongrol looking afro american negro debit card swipe his bitch

    they allow that in the brooklyn you used to know cupcake?

  4. Gold Daytona Says:

    since when stand up BK guys get they bitch took

    xplain yo got damn self boy

  5. Gonefishing Says:


  6. Gonefishing Says:


  7. exo Says:

    Williamsburg is not Brooklyn.

  8. I'M>you Says:

    NY been soft since Snoop came thru and crushed the buildings. Sad to say….don’t know what happened to my beloved NY. Maino do what you must brah!

  9. BasiktheMayor Says:

    This is the same nigga that said “yes nigga indeed / I dress better than I read” in that new E-40 song. I couldn’t even pay attention to a nigga like that if I was from NY

  10. JEWIII Says:

    Locality is basically dead due to technological and communication changes.

    NY birthed hip-hop, you’re all its orphans.

    Nobody has to act up to prove a point.

  11. Not Pertinent Says:

    I think that a few things contributed to dude saying that on stage. 1) Kendrick Lamar’s verse & 2) Location (where he was performing). I think what has hurt NY over the years is way back when Snoop dropped Doggystyle, the East Coast were dropping the mixtapes w/ songs from various artists (think DJ Plexx), so when it was time to buy the album, no one really wanted to purchase, because they had the songs that they wanted on the mixtapes. Along the lines of sales, the south supports their artists more than NYers, but that doesn’t mean that you actually RUN that particular region. Like it or not, the birthplace of the artform is in NY & if it wasn’t for that birth, you wouldn’t even be able to take a stage & say that. That alone deserves respect (even if you think that you run the state)…

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