Eminem ft. Buckshot – Don’t Front (Preview)

Here’s a snip of Em spitting over Black Moon’s classic “I Got Cha Opin”. The full version actually features a verse from Buckshot and will be available to people who purchase Call Of Duty: Ghosts from Gamestop. More info here.

Hit the jump for Em’s interview with DJ Whoo Kid. UPDATED: Buck spoke to XXL about the collaboration.

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4 Responses to “Eminem ft. Buckshot – Don’t Front (Preview)”

  1. Rajon Trondo Says:

    They RIP me yet?

  2. spirit equality Says:

    Probably the game company’s idea to pair them together, but why hasn’t Em put veterans like Buckshot on his actual albums? The dude will go on and on about how much he loves, say, Masta Ace, but won’t let Ae get a feature. It’s not like dude will say “no” if he was asked and he can still rap his ass off and has a (small but) dedicated fanbase. I’ll never understand rappers.

  3. Royal Flush Says:

    Shame MMLP2 didnt sound like this… This is a hip hop beat… MMLP2 sound like some corny Pink shit

  4. spirit equality Says:

    And Em sounds sooooo good over Beatminaz production (shoutout to “Any Man”). Dude needs to rhyme over Beatminaz production more often…he kills it with the flow on this one….something about actual hard drums brings something out of dude, instead of those keyboard-y sounding soft drums he usually raps over….

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