Video: Nipsey Hussle on The Hot 97 Morning Show

Nipsey kicks it with Ciph and Rosenberg off-air about his Crenshaw project and how he came up with the #Proud2Pay campaign, what he’s learned over the past couple of years in the game, the state of the L.A. streets right now and much more.

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5 Responses to “Video: Nipsey Hussle on The Hot 97 Morning Show”

  1. JR Says:

    I will probably never willingly listen to a Nipsey hussle song & i’m fine with that

  2. das Says:


    Nothing appealing about this nigga at all. (II)

  3. Gregory Hines Says:

    Y’all we be missin out then

  4. BasiktheMayor Says:

    In reference to them talking about Amerikkkas Most Wanted… The stereotypical LA or West Coast sound of synths, live instrumentation, and funk came into play with NWA’s “Always Into Something” in ’91 prior to that Hip Hop was united through a sound more sample driven deriving from NY. That’s coming from a LA dude.

    BIg up Neighborhood NIp do ya thang mane

  5. Average Jo Says:

    Cosign With Gregory Dudes Missin Out

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