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Video: 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers

TDE (ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, Isaiah Rashad & Kendrick Lamar

Watch all of the 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers in case you missed it including cyphers with A$AP Mob, Action Broson, Slaughterhouse, and TDE.

UPDATED with explicit mp3s of TDE, Slaughterhouse and A$AP freestyles after the jump.

Slaughterhouse (Joell Ortiz, Crooked I, Royce Da 5’9″ & Joe Budden)

Action Bronson, Starlife Breezy, Travi$ Scott, Tiffany Foxx & Lil Kim

A$AP Mob (Ferg, Twelvyy, Nast, Ant & Rocky)

Wax, Rapsody, Emis Killa, Rittz & Jon Connor

UPDATED: Stream and download the TDE, SH and A$AP cyphers as explicit mp3s.

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10 Responses to “Video: 2013 BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers”

  1. Kid Cudi Says:

    I forgot all about this lmao

    BET <<<

  2. Kid Cudi Says:

    I took offense to, not only Complex’s stance, but the major labels’ stance on how they treat artists, how they treat the culture. And I felt like we’re at a point where our culture’s getting exploited and it’s looking like they’re trying to do us like they did rock ‘n’ roll. They’re trying to do us like they did Africa, and they’re trying to extract all of our natural resources for their own exploited reasons. If Complex is going to take the stance to degrade the culture and point out every flaw that hip-hop artists have and every mistake they make, then I’ma take the stance to say: As hip-hop, we’re gonna boycott Complex. We don’t need that. We can write about ourselves. We could develop our own outlet and we can cover our own stories. It’s like “No thank you. We don’t need y’all opinion no more.” And that’s why I said what I said.

  3. Kid Cudi Says:

    culture vultures need to stay the fuck out

    complex <<<

  4. Kid Cudi Says:

    To clarify, that list was based on artists we really fu*k with who may not have had the output we wished they had. It was a critical opinion. We weren’t trying to bring anybody down.

    Number one, who is an editor to have an opinion on a street nigga? Bottom line. Those editors don’t live this life. They don’t go through the struggle. I’m from the Rolling 60’s my nigga. They don’t understand what putting an album out is to me. It ain’t the same as one of them backpack niggas, or one of them college-rapping types. That ain’t the sh*t I do. I got enemies. I went to war for real in between albums. My life is real. So when I hear about an editor asking: What’s up with my output? I’m like: What’s up with you even commenting on my life? Niggas don’t know my life. That’s the bourgeoisie approach that I get offended by because this ain’t no bubble. This ain’t no vacuum we doing this music out of. That’s why people connect to the pain in it. Because it’s real. That’s the part they should respect. These radio hits, these charts, they don’t validate the truth and the message. That’s when I start to be like, “Okay, you ain’t got a record on radio. You ain’t put an album out officially, so you’re an underachiever.”

  5. Kid Cudi Says:

    Who’s making these rules up that you got to drop a project every six months? Who made these rules up? I don’t know where that came from. That’s not indigenous to rap. That’s what niggas start doing, but I’m not a follower. And I’m not in it for these same reasons. Niggas hold fame against you like that’s what you’re in it for. I’m not in it for fame. I’ve been famous in the streets already. My goal in this sh*t is different, bro. What I’m trying to do in this rap sh*t is different. That’s the reason that I priced my project for the price I priced it at. Obviously, it’s a business and we’re all trying to get the bread. But I really love hip-hop. I really love the culture of hip-hop. And if a nigga understands and listens to my catalog, they can tell that. If they can’t tell nothing else they can tell that.

    I mean, it gave me a legitimate outlet. It gave me a freedom to be able to do what I love to do and get paid for it. But even before that, I’m a student, I’m a child of hip-hop first. I’m an unsigned artist getting $25,000 a show. I’m touring the world, not doing nothing against the law, getting money to feed my family. I got employees that have felonies and they can’t get jobs. They work for me.

    Who are y’all talking to? Who’s the audience you’re speaking to? Because you can’t be speaking to the streets. The streets don’t think like that. They don’t, bro. They don’t think, like, he ain’t have a project for a couple months. Nah, that’s not how the streets think. They’re like, “My nigga, keep going. Keep going because you’re supposed to be dead. You’re supposed to be in jail. You’re supposed to be doing 25 with the rest of the niggas you grew up with.” My presence is positive. My presence is law of attraction. Mind over matter. That’s really the fabric of my creativity.

  6. Kid Cudi Says:

    I got respect for Curren$y, that’s my nigga. I got love and respect for Dom. I’m influenced by real niggas that’s doing real things. My strategy and my campaign is understood by the generation and the era we live in. Why would a nigga sign to a major label and give up the only thing you have? They be famous, but they don’t own sh*t. Once the marketing money wears off and you ain’t getting no check, and your single ain’t being marketed to radio no more? You don’t got nobody who really cares for you, or really loves you, or really connects to what you’re saying. So it’s over. I was on a major label with a lot of these niggas. I’ve seen niggas with No. 1 hits come and go. You feel what I’m saying? I’m still here my nigga.

  7. Kid Cudi Says:

    Nipsey: In 2013, niggas is fools for signing with other rappers. Niggas is fu*king clowns for signing these 360 deals. You can quote me on that.

    They emailed me like, “I’m a big fan, I fu*k with y’all, let’s get an interview.”

    Complex: But that was me though.

    Nipsey: It was on behalf of Complex. They’re using you like these labels use these rappers. Listen to me real quick. Labels put rappers in front of their company to attract other rappers. Look at every label my nigga. Warner Bros. got their artists that they signed urban sh*t through. Atlantic got their artists they sign urban sh*t through. Def Jam got their artists they sign urban sh*t through. And one artist that say, “This is my nigga. I’m gonna let my nigga eat.” Then all the other niggas gotta sign through him. That’s the business model of these major labels. Niggas too stupid. Niggas is too reliant, getting caught up in the ambition of the artist to understand that this sh*t is disrespectful. If you’re a black man, if you’re a nigga from the struggle, you should be offended by that.

  8. No Ceilings Says:

    Kendrick’s Verse

    I hate y’all
    I’ll do anything to replace y’all
    Shout out to face mob
    A gheto boy til I’m unemployed with a day job
    And kickin boxes
    I kick ass and then kick knowledge
    I’m way more polished
    Then 99% of the scholars you thought had graduated
    I’m the master that masturbated on your favorite MC
    Until the industry had wanted me assassinated
    You either corny or an opportunist
    I let you eat now go back to church and steal crackers at communion
    What are we doing I’m bout to crack the Da’VInci code
    Yeah and nothing been the same since I dropped control
    And tucked a sensitive rapper back in his pajama clothes
    Ha ha jokes on you
    High five (slap) I’m bulletproof
    Your shots will never penetrate
    Pin the tail on the donkey boy you been a fake
    I got my thumb on hip hop and my foot in the back of your ass
    Aftermath get the last laugh
    I serve niggas like Master Jeffrey
    Jump on the curb turn a shotty to a verb if you let me you know I’m a killa
    I’m on your head you know I’m a killa
    The west coast cosa nostra
    Under oath til its over you over owe us
    So what the fuck I fuck you niggas up
    Fuck your bitches up she suck and fuck
    I fuck and duck you fuckers like one on one
    You go at us you going fuckin nuts acting irrational
    Pop you then pop an adderal know the drill like a lateral nigga
    I’m more pappy mason than pastor mason
    Pacing back and forth racing my thoughts on abrasive day tons
    I spill blood on my apron cooking this shit up
    I feel like some of y’all is hatin
    Quite frankly your bitch booty should thank me for grabbing it
    Turn these hoodrats to actresses what a magic trick
    Accidents never happen when murders involved
    Immaculate tactics so follow me if you need me just call on me
    Your career aint shit unless got some kendrick in it
    Your bitch aint shit aint no rumors left on my dick
    Less you look like Jordin Sparks
    Make my mark on that coochie muah
    Hollywoods been good to me
    Lil hood nigga used to pawn moms jewelry
    Family jewels big as fuck and I got the balls to say it
    Balls deep ballin out til spalding need a replacement
    I’m outchea the rest of your mouth here
    Invest in a vest a vietnam vet when you out near
    That white court buildings filling its merlot filling women the fur coat
    Pimped the industry mimic these stacy adams and fur coats
    Shook you scared to death you scared to look
    In the mirror when Kendrick is near ya KING KENDRICK

  9. Gonefishing Says:


  10. ApeLincoln Says:

    Haven’t seen one but its a good lineup

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