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Sean Falyon – Pound Cake Freestyle

Falyon over Drake’s “Pound Cake”.

Previously: Sean Falyon – Oil Money Gang Freestyle

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7 Responses to “Sean Falyon – Pound Cake Freestyle”

  1. Jacques Derrida Says:

    Tamika Ruffin told Yatooma in a sworn deposition that she was hired to dance at the party, where she saw 10 uniformed police officers, cocaine and marijuana. She also says she saw Carlita Kilpatrick, the mayor’s wife, assault Greene for giving a lap dance to the mayor.

    ^ duke was wild-ding.


    Horrible shit

    But I respect it

    Just think of the all the shit more white and rich government officials do behind our backs

    I can’t fault him for getting caught

    Everyone doing it

  2. Plug Says:

    the news lady>

    her name is kimberly craig…

    Im sure he could have told some things to lessin his sentance

    but he didnt tell

  3. Jacques Derrida Says:

    Chicago corrupt as fuck

    Just wait

    Obama’s sins will soon be brought to national attention soon

    How not a single piece of shit has yet to stick on the man is beyond me

  4. JR Says:

    Yo plug did you vote for kwame ?

  5. Plug Says:

    bill clinton was putting cigars in broads boxes

    its nothing new

  6. JR Says:

    Beatty said: “I’m in my office. Do you want me to come to yours or you coming to mine?”

    Kilpatrick said: “I’m coming down there … LOL ditto. Freaky Chris!”


    office romances >>><<<<<

  7. Plug Says:

    Yo plug did you vote for kwame ?
    yes I did

    But the very first day he won the election

    I went to this hip hop club downtown

    when I looked up and saw hi there witht ehpin stripe suit on and the golf ball size diamond earings in each ear,

    I knew then I shoulda voted for the other guy

    skreet wise, kwami was a stand a guy

    he couldnt leave them streets alone

    but its kind of impossible to leave the streets alone when you in the d

    I will say this tho

    everybody was eating when kwami was in office on a street level tho

    not necessarily illigally… but…

    its kinda hard to explain unless you live here

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