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Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2 (Tracklist)


UPDATED: The album will be out November 1st.

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10 Responses to “Action Bronson & Party Supplies – Blue Chips 2 (Tracklist)”

  1. London Bloke Says:

    “King of Hearts rap” still funniest thing ever said about this guy

  2. The Don Dubb Dollar$ Says:

    4 All my Eastcoast..Westcoast..Midwest & ova da pond(lol) brothas…look @ dis work of art….smmfh….RIP doe……

  3. Sonny Moore Says:

    lol word

    cause son did look like the nigga on the king of hearts card

    all he needed was a crown

    bitin ass wigger

  4. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Lol nigga posted a swansons TV dinner

    Waffle House tho>>>>

  5. The Don Dubb Dollar$ Says:

    Lmfao my nigga dis shit so on point doe smmfh

  6. The Don Dubb Dollar$ Says:

    Ok….so now where were we…Pusha T MNIMN….album of da year…..I thank so….lol

  7. The Don Dubb Dollar$ Says:

    Ross got one comn in December 2…kinna a defining moment 4 cuhz….if he miss wit dis one it might b ova smh best exec in da game doe as of late anyway so he good

  8. The Don Dubb Dollar$ Says:

    Is there a such thing as success witout struggle…..Discuss….

  9. The Don Dubb Dollar$ Says:


  10. The Shot Clock Says:

    lol @ Ye talkin bout standin up to chicago gangsters tryin to stick him up for his publishing.

    he give some real music industry insider shit in these rants u gotta pay attention

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