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Pusha T Covers New Complex Digital Edition

It’s My Name Is My Name week over at Complex and they’ve made their digital cover story by Ralph Warner available for your perusal. Below, check out a quick clip of Push talking about authenticity, the new album and more.

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4 Responses to “Pusha T Covers New Complex Digital Edition”

  1. why? Says:


  2. Dr. $ Says:

    The black woman as well as women in general has always been degraded.

    RnB talks about love

    Hip hop talks about face down ass up


    I never looked at rap as degrading towards women. Only certain types of women. There are plenty of songs from rappers talking bout their girl in a very positive light, but addressing hoes as what they are.

    “why you over there looking at me, while my girl standing here”

    That’s respect for his woman. He don’t want no hoes even glancing at him while the love of his life his with him.

    Now the niggas with no woman in their life, they deal with mostly hoes, and their lyrics reflect that. Especially the stupid rappers who get in relations with these women and get they heart and wallet broken (unless the rapper is drake, then they leave messages).

    so not degrading towards women as a whole, just women with loose morals.

    Men in general love a good girl and will hardly bad mouth them.

    TI still with tiny. He love that woman.

  3. The Don Dubb Dollar$ Says:

    Lol Neva

    MNIMN=Album of da Year! Best since LIG! Belee dat!

  4. The Don Dubb Dollar$ Says:

    & I ain’t een heard OLD but ain’t no way da cracchead gon put out a more relatable album than da craccdealer! Lol well..in relation 2 my life dat is.

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