Thurz – Punky Brewster

Produced by Christian Rich. Blood On The Canvas coming soon.

Previously: Thurz – Elbow Grease Freestyle

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2 Responses to “Thurz – Punky Brewster”

  1. TS-LTE Says:

    Spent the night in jail. Went back to the site the next morning to pick up my permits, badges, and work ID off the ground at the site.

    Right where the officer threw them at.


    can’t you sue for shit like this ?


    Gob… “I can’t telling about the evil that men do. I can only tell you about the things that I lived through.”

    I suppose though. I was young with a budding career in an unfamiliar state. And niggas don’t be suing like that bruh. Conditioning is a motherfucker. I’m black. I’m used to shit like this.

  2. JR Says:

    i see

    you can either sue or file a complaint,

    filing a complaint is actually a great way to get back, you gotta think if everyone that’s stopped or arrested unlawfully filed a complaint every time we’d get some changes

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