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FEATURE: In The Lab with Oddisee

For our latest In The Lab feature, we caught up with rapper/producer Oddisee to discuss how he created his new instrumental album The Beauty in All, and also his new mixtape that comes along with it for free, Tangible Dream (available now via Bandcamp). Turns out, most of the instrumentals for both projects were made while he was out on the road touring the world, using his mobile studio set-up, which is essentially just his laptop, hard drive, and headphones. Find out about his unique way of making beats using Pro Tools, how he finds inspiration for his music and lyrics while he’s traveling, his home studio essentials, the meaning behind his song “Yeezus Was a Mortal Man,” the status of the new Diamond District album, and much more.

Click here to read: In The Lab with Oddisee

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  1. Sonny Moore Says:

    oddisee >>>

    kev brown >>>

    ken starr >>>

  2. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    Truth…..c’mon my obsessively compulsive dude dat was me lol spare me da nonsense

    If u wanna thro shots use ur own Sn

    I do appreciate your dedication to my style tho imitation is the best…..

    U kno da rest


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