The Jay-Z x Hublot Shawn Carter Classic Fusion Watch

“New watch alert”

Jay and world renowned Swiss watch manufacturer Hublot today revealed the limited edition Shawn Carter Classic Fusion timepiece, which will be available at the Barney’s x Jay-Z pop-up shop in NYC and select Hublot stores starting November 20th. The watch comes in two styles, ceramic black and yellow gold, which are priced at $17,900 and $33,900 respectively.

Jay should just go ahead and have one of those ceramic blacks sent over to my house.

Spotted: HS

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2 Responses to “The Jay-Z x Hublot Shawn Carter Classic Fusion Watch”

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    October 2nd, 2013 at 4:42 pm

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  2. spirit equality Says:

    $33,000, Hov? Peep the Masonic price point. LMAO.

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