Video: Lil Reese – Supa Savage

Previously: Lil Reese – Supa Savage (Mixtape)

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One Response to “Video: Lil Reese – Supa Savage”

  1. Dr. $ Says:

    At the end of the day…pusha isn’t being promoted properly. His style and shit he talking about was never going to sell much but he could have at least got 150 – 250k sold if he was promoted properly. If he still sells that many first week, then damn, my bad for doubting him. But that aint gonna happen.

    Why Kanye couldn’t put him on the last cd, instead of say…that kid cudi song, or the one with chief keef…or make a blood on teh leaves remix and throw him on there for promotion purposes and release it to at least give the man more visibility

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