Kanye vs. The Paparazzi (Ye’s Driveway Edition)

A couple of paps decided it was a good idea to show up in Kanye’s driveway last night at 4 AM to ask him about his fued with Jimmy Kimmel. Obviously, that’s the worst idea in the world, unless of course you’re looking to land your very own assault lawsuit. I have to give it up to Ye for his restraint here because I would’ve come out swinging, no words.

Watch the video here.

UPDATED: Kanye is feeling this piece on Slate


UPDATED: Kanye wants to press charges against these guys for trespassing.

Sources directly connected to Kanye tell TMZ … Kanye has reviewed the security footage from his Hollywood Hills home, and he says it CLEARLY shows at least one of the photogs trespassing on his private property.

We’re told Kanye says he will file a police report and ask that the photog be prosecuted for criminal trespass.

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5 Responses to “Kanye vs. The Paparazzi (Ye’s Driveway Edition)”

  1. Kid Cudi Says:

    Kanye should just move to Florida

  2. 007 Says:

    Shut up dick rider

  3. b Says:

    Ye just hire about 5 new security guards all darkskinned black males no shorter than 6’7 ,preferably bald who look like olympic powerlifters. Problem solved.

    you have to make them sign an agreement to accept full financial and criminal responsibility if they have to put pain on someone.

  4. London Bloke Says:

    eskay you terry cloth the pap woulda washed you like Big Kill all over again

  5. the kid frankie Says:

    who next

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