9th Wonder – Bladey Mae (Instrumentals)

9th blesses us with a previously undisclosed collection of instrumentals, named after his late grandmother. The full tape is available for purchase now and weighs in at a whopping 73 tracks. 9th has hooked up with DJ Booth to make 10 of those beats available for free stream and download, which you can do after the jump.

Says 9th about the project:

“This past weekend, I met my grandma, Beulah Mae Jarrett Douthit’s family (my dad’s mother) for the first time. My grandma passed in 1965, so I’ve had no connection to her at all. I listened to the elders talk about her all day. One elder in particular, her oldest niece, who’s 78-years-old, told me that her nickname was ‘Bladey Mae’, because of the blades she carried around in the purse and pockets, to protect her children from a segregated South, one of them being my dad. I was looking for a name for a new beat tape, and that one just came out of nowhere. Here’s to you Beulah Mae Jarrett Douthit and the blades you carried to protect pops……’Bladey Mae’… ”

Spotted: DJ Booth via OKP

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9 Responses to “9th Wonder – Bladey Mae (Instrumentals)”

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