A$AP Rocky – R. Cali

Here is the CDQ version of A$AP Rocky’s contribution to the GTA V soundtrack.

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7 Responses to “A$AP Rocky – R. Cali”

  1. Dr. $ Says:

    September must be the month for greatness or something….Breaking Bad, GTA V, (NWTS), weather is nice out…

  2. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    the only thing better than breaking bad is givin all uh y’all’s moms this pipe fittin directly after then drivin home listenin to NWTS feelin remorseful for how badly ive treated them all until i roll thru there swangin the followin week.

  3. brolic fonts Says:

    GTA V

    ^the trailers might could be enough to pull me back into video games

  4. brolic fonts Says:

    Dom Kennedy: Reluctant Businessman

    ^cool short read in nahlite.

    Didnt realize Dom kennedy had mainstream hits. definetly played a lot of his older stuff

  5. London Bloke Says:

    GTA made $1bn in a weekend

    Rockstar gotta be top3 British Entertainment exports on GP

  6. Dr. $ Says:

    GTA made $1bn in a weekend


    Doing movie #’s.

    and alot of people that work on games don’t get paid that much or get laid off quick fast.

    Somebody is banking.

    and they still have DLC to release…

  7. JR Says:



    might cop

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