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Gucci Mane ft. Migos – Mama We Rich

Off DJ Plugg’s The Plugs Plug 3 mixtape.

Previously: Gucci Mane – Diary Of A Trap God (Mixtape)

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11 Responses to “Gucci Mane ft. Migos – Mama We Rich”

  1. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Cut it out …

    Ain’t nobody got time for NFL football in Ohio anymore.

    The browns are sitting the season out .. U can have that win. Just helps our draft position .

    Meanwhile , the tribe is in the show… And the Yankees and their billion dollar payroll are watching from home..

    Gotta love it

  2. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Be clear tho…

    I will be watching the game and I will be Here talking my shit like always lol

  3. Sonny Moore Says:

    indians havent clinched nothing..

    have they?

  4. Sonny Moore Says:

    indians got a 2 game klead in divison

    a half game lead in wild card race

    7 games left

    3 teams on they ass within 2 games

    shit aint over at all Fam

  5. Sonny Moore Says:

    lead > klead

  6. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Nah they clinched a spot in the one game WC playoff, worst case scenario

  7. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Pretty sure that’s what MLB.com said today

  8. Sonny Moore Says:

    Pretty sure that’s what MLB.com said today


    thats definitely wrong

    redsox only AL team thats clinched a playoff spot

  9. Sonny Moore Says:

    yeah tron.. you been hoodwinked..bamboozled…led astray

    niggas got 8 and 9 games left

    2 game lead aint gonna get it done..

    6 teams fighting over 2 wildcard spots..

    all within 3 games of each other

    yankees only 2.5 behind cleveland

    >>>> premature celebration

  10. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Well, my bad then..

    That being said – fuck the NY Yankees and anybody that love em

  11. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Dodgers gonna win it all anyways..

    They have a potent lineup and a perfect rotation for a playoff run

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