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Drake’s Nothing Was The Same Pop-Ups in NY, LA & TO

Drake and his team will be hosting one-day only NWTS pop-up shops at these three locations in NY, LA and Toronto today and the gear will be given out for free.99.

Instagram photos via OVO, Tommy & Woo.

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9 Responses to “Drake’s Nothing Was The Same Pop-Ups in NY, LA & TO”

  1. JR Says:

    Album of the year

  2. Jacques Derrida Says:

    I heard most people are thin in European countries and that really America is one of the few people that has a large amount of slovenly, fat people


    Mexico fatter

    World Health Organization declared it a month ago

    also I think Japan has a higher obesity problem

  3. JR Says:

    ^ so basically you have to sell yourself, speak to your accomplishments without coming off a braggart… confidence with out the cockiness


    yea but i was thinking more your accomplishments should speak for themselves

  4. Jacques Derrida Says:

    Album of the year


    Top five in my opinion


    Doris edges out Nothing Was The Same and Yeezus by a hair

  5. cOLD Says:

    my kid is learning about the Holocaust in school and had to watch the Ann Frank Story.

    Them Jews went through some shit.
    but they are no longer suffering from the devastation.
    They kept it moving

    The slave trade was just as fucked up
    why we still holding onto that and suffering mentally years later.

    How did the Jews regroup so quick to get a strong hold back on the game
    what is it that black people are lacking, that the Jews have?

  6. Jacques Derrida Says:

    How did the Jews regroup so quick to get a strong hold back on the game
    what is it that black people are lacking, that the Jews have?



    Sympathy from white people

    Haven’t experienced the systematic soul burning racism African Americans have for centuries

    My guess…

  7. Mag Says:

    Jews been slave since the bible. They don’t have a crab in the bucket mentally.

    “why stop at being a doctor lets open our hospital.”

    Never seen Jews handing out turkeys… They do food banks.

  8. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    It might wentto spam but check it.

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    9:05am Oct 5th
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    I thought of some options for you. I know it must be hard living in that one bedroom shithole of an apartment especially without cable and barely making rent. 40k in NYC is below poverty trust I used to live there.

    I took the liberty of calling that GED program for you. I spoke to Adella Lopez Feel free to call as i have already pre registered you, she is awaiting your call she sd you need to register by Dec 1st for the Jan class. She can be reached at(718) 289-5353 advised me that they have a plethora of classes that can prepare you to pass the test. The cost is actually free. I believe the test is approx $200 or so Which I will cover for you. The location isn’t too far from your project tenement hopefully you will attend.

    Also I have begun to research some NYC assistance programs. Given your economic predicament you will surely be able to qualify for section 8, temporary cash assistance, they even have a program that will discount your metro fees.

    Another option would be jail. I mean seriously you get 3 free meals per day and don’t have to pay rent. That’s gotta be better than how your livin, most jails have GED programs as well.

    I hope I have provided you some options to turn you failure of a life around Brandon. Your life is in shambles man n you strugglin. For real man squash the beef, get your life in order, give back to the community.

    Feel free to contact me for advice

    All the best loser,


    Tkf tried to help 2 yrs ago…and you still in da same position you are now
    Wake up nigger

  9. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    Jacques Derrida Says:
    September 19th, 2013 at 1:26 pm
    How did the Jews regroup so quick to get a strong hold back on the game
    what is it that black people are lacking, that the Jews have?

    > White skin, similiar religious beliefs.

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