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Danse – Pound Cake

Danse of BKLYN STICKUP borrows Drake and Jay-Z’s “Pound Cake”, off Nothing Was The Same, for his latest freestyle.

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One Response to “Danse – Pound Cake”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

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    Cant help but notice I’m less angry when puss is in abundance.

    Im running round out here like a damn twentysomething or teenager and Im really puzzled how one can be good with just one vagina,that be the only thing I’m looking forward to these days, new pussy.

    -not da same nigga who aunt was just sayin he like dick or talmbout offin himself for fuckin wack bitches or whinin on a blog for his self esteem bein shattered by lack of female affection…now he Gettin puss?
    How do you want it

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