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Video: Vado ft. Raekwon – Fast Lane

Get Vado’s Slime Flu 4 now.

Previously: Video: Vado Talks Slime Flu 4 & DJ Khaled

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8 Responses to “Video: Vado ft. Raekwon – Fast Lane”

  1. Kid Cudi Says:

    Peace JR

  2. Kid Cudi Says:

    2014 Silverado > 2014 Sierra

  3. b Says:

    i wonder did this retard gunplay ever get them jewleries back from that stripper he gave them to, when he reported to the facility

    she aint look trustworthy


  4. Kid Cudi Says:

    No Heart, No Love>>>>>>>>>>

  5. wow Says:

    “money foldin like the M in mcdonalds” Rae killed dis

  6. ayo Says:

    Laughing at these fuck niggas

    How many screennames you gotta hide behind?


  7. rex hussla Says:

    That landLORD freestyle vid from a few days ago >>>>>

    Him and b still the GOATS

    LMG >>>>>


  8. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Hup hupp

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