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Video: Gunplay – Westside Ride

Previously: Video: Gunplay ft. Rick Ross & Yo Gotti – Gallardo (Trailer)

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4 Responses to “Video: Gunplay – Westside Ride”

  1. JR Says:

    Well i’m done for the week

    lol at me fake stunting with something i already have, it was cute but you failed


    ts keep the name faggot, i know you wish you could be me

    peace to the few i fuck with, the rest of u troll gang niggas can blow dick

  2. Sonny Moore Says:

    i wonder did this retard gunplay ever get them jewleries back from that stripper he gave them to, when he reported to the facility

    she aint look trustworthy

  3. Gob Bluth Says:

    LOL…Quit playing w/ cha Daddy’s money, boy…..Bet chu’ love being privileged, huh!? Yung Aubrey Scam ass nigga….Ya pops doing the tootsieroll in his grave, meng….

  4. b Says:


    > SMH. You might be gaye but u damn sure aint Marvin.

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