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SL Jones – Way Of Life No Hobby (Mixtape)

SL Jones delivers his new Don Cannon hosted mixta Way Of Life No Hobby produced entirely by Metro Boomin.

01. SL Jones – Thas My Word (3:50)
02. SL Jones – Big Bank (No Ones) (2:51)
03. SL Jones – Deuces N Treys (3:28)
04. SL Jones – Don’t Want Nan (Feat. Trouble & Starlito) (3:39)
05. SL Jones – What They Saying (Feat. Mibbs Of Pac Div) (3:05)
06. SL Jones – Jonesy (2:58)
07. SL Jones – Been A While (2:52)
08. SL Jones – Facts Of Life (2:41)
09. SL Jones – Below The Surface (Feat. Jade Jones) (3:32)
10. SL Jones – Hard To Behave (2:55)
11. SL Jones – America’s Nightmare (Feat. Kevin Gates & Killer Mike) (4:22)
12. SL Jones – Down 4 Me (4:26)
13. SL Jones – My Dawgs (3:23)

Download: Link

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2 Responses to “SL Jones – Way Of Life No Hobby (Mixtape)”

  1. Gob Bluth Says:

    Dedication 5 is better than D4 and D3, which aint saying much…..He went in on Type A Way, UENO, Fucking Problem, Levels, and FuckWitMeUKnowIGotIt…..The rest of them freestyles were mediocre at best which aint wack, the original songs are hit n miss too….Way I’m Balling goes….so does Still got the Rock….Thas’ about 8 joints outta 28……Eh, it’s FREE!

  2. Gob Bluth Says:

    This nigga SL Jones be spitting that real crip shit…..My nigga had a nice tape w/ all DJ Burnone production that rode smooth as hell….Definitely gonna D/L this….I like that Earl album, the intro song….DAMN, that beat and the cadences….I respect bars, so I fux w/ it….But he def a weirdo….That Rza track was crazy, I d/led Earl n Fergs shit at the same time and thought they were both dope but different from each other….I though Fergs shit was better than the Rocky album, honestly….

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