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King Mez – New Vinyl (Prod. by Oddisee)

As he prepares for a Fall release of his next project, Long Live The King 2, Mez liberates a new collaboration with Oddisee.

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2 Responses to “King Mez – New Vinyl (Prod. by Oddisee)”

  1. the architek Says:

    damn son… this sound almost like you speaking from experience.

    *falls back*



    *changes subject*

    yo, cold

    rob crumb had you figured out…


  2. cOLD Says:

    the power of life and death would seem what drives a serial killer,yet again we are trying to rationalize something beyond the grasp of logic.

    It`s like wrestling a greasy pig

    ^ This may verywell be the case, but in the least the puss should serve as some sort diversion.

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