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AG Da Coroner – Not Gonna Cry

New shit from AG off his Crushed Grapes EP, dropping in September on Man Bites Dog Records. Produced by ATG & The Letter “C”.

Props: Complex

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15 Responses to “AG Da Coroner – Not Gonna Cry”

  1. Sonny Moore Says:

    the emotions and pride watching my son carry the ball in his first game >>>>>>>>>>>


  2. Sonny Moore Says:

    and he wear my old high school baseball number #21

    AND he play for the Vikings..

    LIFE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  3. cOLD Says:


    ^ that’s whats up…

    fatherhood >>>

  4. cOLD Says:


  5. Gob Bluth Says:



    that’s you land ?

  6. Sonny Moore Says:


  7. cOLD Says:

    4 Whites Murder 2 Black Men Then Have 3-Way On Top Of Bodies!

    ^ yall heard about this shit?

  8. b Says:


  9. Sonny Moore Says:



    all day

  10. b Says:

    This nigga wack

  11. &What?! Says:

    I’ve been gone a week.. went to Magaluf with some mates.


    3 different girls in 7 nights.. not bad but not great I wanted 7/7 lol

  12. Dr. $ Says:

    booty smell like goat cheese and pennies

  13. cOLD Says:


    ^ never heard of this place before, but a quick search, seems they get it popping out there. “known for binge drinking”… “an incubator for STD’s”

    night-life has been notorious for many years, and the latest image is not much to be desired with news reports of balcony deaths and nightly presence of prostitutes, whom local business and council claim are muggers.[10]

    ^ sounds like a fun place.

  14. cOLD Says:

    the reason booty smell like pennies

    is because the dried feces have remnants of blood iron. iron is similar to copper once it hits the air and begins to corrode

  15. Sonny Moore Says:

    WOW at the aaron hernandez story in Rolling Stone Mag

    that boy BEEN fucked up in the head

    for years

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