Rah Digga – New Hoes

Digga reworks Kanye’s “New Slaves”.

There’s more outrage over a Kendrick verse than babies in the street TWERKING. Or have folks forgotten what this leads to?? Guess I’m just too school for cool in this regard.
My name is Rah Digga and I approve this message!!

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One Response to “Rah Digga – New Hoes”

  1. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    Go back and click on my nigga aggallah video lmao
    That nigga used to rhyme like chip fu when we was kids
    Yeah it took a while to do that couch niggas cover
    So wha?
    Shit is hard to do if I can’t draw some tits popping out of Snow White’s..
    I’ve said too much
    And come thru Gowanus with your chain out you think NY soft
    Come pop that shit on Flatbush ave on Labor Day tough guy
    Far as the music doe?
    Fuck New York
    And fuck them cola cubes lol
    What are we Limeys???

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