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Dizzy Wright – The Golden Age (Mixtape)

Dizzy’s new project is here. It features guest spots from his Funk Volume brethren as well as Joey Bada$$, Kirk Knight, Wyclef and others.

Hit the jump for the tracklist and download link.

Download: Link

Previously: Dizzy Wright – World Peace

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9 Responses to “Dizzy Wright – The Golden Age (Mixtape)”

  1. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    slammed the turkey on his pops head for added disrespect

    > cOLD don’t respect his dad.

    dude had a physical emergency & his son while en route to him decides to pull his car over to holla at bitch he may lose sleep over smh

  2. London Bloke Says:

    Dizzy’s new project is here


    Implies that anyone would have heard his previous work. Doubtful.

  3. cOLD Says:

    How many people have died in Chi-raq since the top of the year?

    So far this year, there have been 58 teenagers and children murdered in the city, most during gun violence. During the same time period last year the number was 59 killed; and there were also 59 young people killed through early August in 2011.

  4. b Says:

    Who wacker kevin, ya bm?

    or forest whitaker????

  5. London Bloke Says:

    the number was 59 killed

    ^what a strange way to structure a sentence

  6. hood trill stunting aka trap day man Says:

    his fans are mostly white tho

    > his white fanbase gotta know/love the Wu. as is expected tho…when a kizza adopts whas already been established as cool b/w/o a nigga…they claim it as they’re own & their followers get a savior they can relate to.

  7. Gob Bluth Says:



    normally these numbers would be horrible but there are niggas out here with 1 download

  8. cOLD Says:

    ^what a strange way to structure a sentence

    ^ out of context b… read the entire sentence.

  9. THE-XFACTA Says:

    Damn I aint been here in so long they done change up the site . What’s good ya

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