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Joe Budden – Control Freestyle (Kendrick Response)

Joe Budden delivers his own response to Kendrick Lamar over the “Control” response.

Props: SoPhi

Previously: SLV (Joe Budden & Emanny) – Not Need Yours

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29 Responses to “Joe Budden – Control Freestyle (Kendrick Response)”

  1. Two Bottles Of Bombay Says:

    joe budden <<<<<

  2. A-1 Says:

    Lol Chill Jump off snapped on dis

  3. A-1 Says:

    Papoose doe<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

  4. ApeLincoln Says:

    This shit is mighty late. And he’s not mentioned. However…. He bodied this shit. So did Joell and Cass. My biggest surprise is that trash Jay Elect thought would rock…

  5. captain planet Says:

    1. papoose
    2. joey crackass
    3. Los
    4. joell
    5. jr writer

    honorable mention: kendrick the munchkin

  6. captain planet Says:

    1. papoose
    2. joey crackass
    3. jr writer
    4. los
    5. joell

    honorable mention: kendrick the munchkin



  7. ***biggumskiller*** Says:


  8. ApeLincoln Says:

    Papoose . . . . . . . . . No

  9. Ashin' Kusher Says:

    I don’t smoke crack muthafucker I sell it

  10. Ashin' Kusher Says:

    Interscope & Jimmy Iovine machine>>>>>>>>

  11. Ashin' Kusher Says:

    Papoose about to get super blackballed

  12. A-1 Says:

    I’ont get how niggas RESPECT dat Papoose hoe shit cuhz smh SPECIALLY when Kendricc was DA ONLY REASON niggas een knew he still rapped in 2013! CP u commented on it yaself! But I guess wit dis diss KDot STILL da only reason peeps een half way checcn 4 asspoose smmfh u @ 14 mins nigga!

  13. Ashin' Kusher Says:

    Papoose sounds like a hoe and to diss TDE the niggas that put you on that summer jam stage

    It’s a wrap for him

  14. A-1 Says:

    And NOT 2 MENTION dis dumb ass had da nerve 2 bring up a slave tactic(da emasculation of da blacc man) BUT da WHOLE REASON 4 da DISS is ya wanna represent 4 a fuccn city da aint NOWHERE NEAR YOURS(Willie Lynch Shit)! Good job dicchead!

  15. A-1 Says:

    I ALWAYS thought Asspoose Aka Waccpoose Wacc-Poose was corny but dis take da WHOLE cake factory! Dis is a classic example we heen makn NO MOVES in da industry..insteada holdn on 2 relationships dat can furtha help his wacc ass career he destroy em! & talk ALL DAT 5% & Muslim bullshit onna tracc TALKN DOWN onna anotha blacc man insteada da Joos & craccas dat RUN DA ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY! & NIGGAS APPAUD DAT BULLSHIT! Man fucc dat hoe ass nigga! ON CRIP! Smmfh

  16. Ashin' Kusher Says:

    Papoose better not step foot in Cali

    He is an idiot for dissing Top Dawg Entertainment

  17. captain planet Says:

    honestly kendrick should be more worried about going back to new york which every rapper has to for media

    oh that’s right he’s the king there nevermind lol

  18. captain planet Says:

    i ain’t got an accccccoooountaaaantt

    i got a money cooooounnntteerrrt

    i ain’t done turnin up bitch

    woo !

    woo !

  19. Ashin' Kusher Says:

    I ain’t done turning up>>>>

  20. captain planet Says:



    being a rich black man in America

  21. captain planet Says:

    they might to jojo simmons kendrick …

    he was running his mouth

    a-1 you my nigga but please tell me one good reason kendrick had for calling himself king of new york

    just one

  22. Rich Malone Says:

    Why…are…people…recording…responses…to…this…Kendrick verse?! We live in a 24 hr news cycle, the shit will be old news in a few days…what WILL be remembered are the missteps that immediately followed(ie wack responses, bad moves like this Papoose line, etc)…

    If you a real player, you don’t even acknowledge it…when asked in interviews, you just looked puzzled and say ‘what verse? Not sure what you’re referring to’……

    And carry on…

  23. captain planet Says:

    Today don’t know nothing, about this bullshit

    There’s more shit than wanting to be this King of New York shit ..

  24. captain planet Says:



    ohhhhhh shiiiitttt !!!!

    nothing was the same …

  25. captain planet Says:



    uh oh …

    uncle murda just dropped one

    peeping now

    but a quote from the comments says ” WHEN WAS DR DRE DRESSED LIKE A FRUIT ”

    i know you guys are kendrick + tde stans

    but you guys really didnt realize calling yourself the king of New York when you not from there would get niggas heated ?


  26. A-1 Says:

    Ok CP ill tell u 3..1) 4 shocc value & da effect das takn place CURRENTLY! DIS IS DA MOST EXCITING THING DAS HAPPENED IN HIP HOP SINCE 50 CENT SIGNING 2 AFTERMATH/SHADY! NO DEBATING! Dis is Kendricc’s “ASK NAS HE DONT WANT IT WIT HOV! NOOOO”..it NEEDED 2 b said in 2days hip hop! Hip Hop has ALWAYS BEEN & ALWAYS WILL B about COMPETITION! It his verse was craftn 2 “raise da bar” & ill b damned if he ain’t do it..2) it IMMEDIATELY puts him in talks of da BEST ARTIST/EMCEE do’n it 2day! I mean MTV said he was da hottest but niggas WASNT REALLY honoring dat list..but I BET U DEY R NOW! DIS VERSE SINGLEHANDLY PUT HIM UP WIT DRAKE AS DA BEST ARTIST OF DA NEW GENERATION! He SPOKE it in2 existence(sorta like u did wit da legend thing lol)! Lastly it was a nod 2 Kurupt who INITIALLY said it in a record wit bad ass! If u listen 2 da rest of dat part u’ll here him big up Kurrupt @ da end of da bar..so yeah IT NEEDED 2 B SAID! Lol

  27. A-1 Says:

    & my issue ISN’T wit da responses..DAS EXPECTED! My issue was wit WHO DA RESPONSES CAME FROM! MAINLY WACCPOOSE WACC-POOSE! Dawg dude SINGLEDHANDLELY RESURRECTED ya bum ass career! & insteada b’n grateful & lettn dis lil bullshit slide 4 da sake of ya relationship wit TDE u pull dis hoe ass move! Smmfh bitch shit cuhz! REAL BITCH!

  28. A-1 Says:

    & ftr CP I ain’t one of dese lames..a DISAGREEMENT WILL NEVA break up a friendship cuhz! Belee dat pleighboy

  29. A-1 Says:

    & CP Kendricc will b GOODDDDDDD in NY bruh TRUST ME! Lol it’s laughable dat u feel othawise..o u mean da same NY dat Lil Wayne say he hates BUT jus ripped down Summa Jam 13! Da police state NY! Da NY Pac VISITED FREQUENTLY durin his beef wit da too artist in da city! Da NY da Dogg pound came thru & crushed da buildns! Lmfao & dis ain’t NO DIS 2 NEW YORK @ ALL! But cuhz DIS IS HIP HOP! No mo no less! Dis aint niggas fightn ova real estate 2 move product smh KDot good homie

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