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Gunplay ft. Rick Ross & Yo Gotti – Gallardo (CDQ)

Here is the CDQ version of Gunplay’s “Gallardo” featuring Rick Ross and Yo Gotti. Self Made Vol 3 in stores September 17th.

Previously: Gunplay – Drop Da Tint (Video)

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2 Responses to “Gunplay ft. Rick Ross & Yo Gotti – Gallardo (CDQ)”

  1. &What?! Says:

    Good lookin’ on that Summer Jam move
    Yeah I thought so too
    ’til I brought you out & the crowd fucking booed!

  2. b Says:

    2 hrs, 47 mins ago
    10 mins ago
    Brandon Stevens
    168 st nelson ave bronx new york 10452
    Apt 3FB
    646-684- 2871.
    Shoulda stayed off the net boy

    Got eeem

    Hitters on da way!

    Circled yo crib for you bitch nigger

    Get off da white mans dick

    Wipe dat mayo off ya chin and drink this ether milk boy

    7 mins ago
    19 mins ago
    1 min ago
    I don’t know what the big deal is though. I took showers around men and occasionally stared. It was nothing really… It’s like looking at porno and when you notice the guy with the huge dicks lol

    No Shots, Like Stray Dogs
    2 mins ago
    I dont really need female companionship tho

    Land I love you boy piece

    -you do da mizzath

    2 hrs, 43 mins ago
    ^ Idk who blandon is, b works at a capital management firm, and I get rewarded handsomely for shooting the shit with u guys all day.

    Ima let yall hate

    *im on 48th between Lexington and park

    >shoulda stayed off da net ho you easy to find

    2 hrs, 40 mins ago
    3 wks, 5 days ago

    ^my new bitch dime!

    4chan gotcha

    48 mins ago
    Log off forever or deal with da consequences

    I have your ss#



    Phone #

    All from troll gang

    We got ya back Gob

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