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Justine Skye ft. Joey Badass – Messing With You

New music from Brooklyn’s Justine Sky off her EP, Everyday Living, featuring Joey Bada$$. AZ is also credited on the song but I didn’t hear him.

Spotted: Complex

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10 Responses to “Justine Skye ft. Joey Badass – Messing With You”

  1. Gob Bluth Says:

    She sounds like Aaliyah but i stopped it when she said ‘we keep it trill’

    kids these days

  2. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Joey badass prolly swimming in underage puss

  3. b Says:

    All someone has to do is say this is Brandon Stevens email he’s a confessed child molestor…here is his #, where he blogs etc.

    Lol these are things I learned from my white friends… I also heard that site can be pretty racist to all races as well. My coworkers told me bout that site…crazy part is there is sites waaaay worse.

  4. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    run tell on me !!!!!!

    I make niggas upset,disgruntled,etc

    run tell dat!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. b Says:

    I don’t know why niggas thinking they typin’ niggas into a corner or something …or even shuttin’ me up on NahRight.com

    It’s a known fact what events took place in the city, so by thinking niggas exposing ANYTHING that happened between Hex Murda (keeping repeating that shit for SEO, go right ahead) Black Milk and Danny Brown, you just making those events more known in hip-hop. Which is embarrassing for THEM.

    I’m good out here, so keep pushin’ the line on Pandora’s box …matter of fact I dare you to, BITCH.

    Won’t change the fact that Eric J Royster Jr is a BITCH, and his whole graduating class gonna be associated with these posts… nigga 25 years old STILL tryna get on in rap. His peers prolly DRs and lawyers. This nigga “Overdose Posse” an aspiring rapper. Self professed drop out.

    And FTR new was no House Shoes fan, friend, fake friend, NOTHING. To have fans mean you have to have a career and I know how much niggas make and where they live…ALL OF THEM. So like I said…niggas got my numbers and they ain’t coming for me. They coming for niggas keep draggin’ their name in shit….this has already been stated.

    …so I hope this Hex Murda, Danny Brown, Black Milk story wasn’t nigga’s trump card.


  6. b Says:

    Troll gang? Nah you just Google shit …no go ask them niggas what I do on and offline.

    Here I’ll even throw your thirsty outsider ass a bone (none)…


    No find anywhere in history, where Danny Brown, Hex Murda or Black Milk called me broke, my wife ugly, said they physically caused me harm, or said I was unsuccessful. Hex didn’t even said that shit on his worst day.

    Go ahead, let me help troll gang with their SEO searching…


    And when you done …find me where they said ANY OF THIS you guys are claiming.

    Like I said, they have my number and info…they not coming for me, they coming for YOU…YOU nigga…ACTUALLY YOU. Just know that.

    So have fun with Google. And at the end of the day Eric Joseph Royster Jr still look like Rango, he’s a know pedophile, and a unsuccessful rapper.

    -Troll Gang

  7. No shots, like stray dogs Says:

    I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. cOLD Says:

    nahright bodied.

  9. b Says:

    This nigger raped my niece she’s 10 yrs old!!!! He was busted on “To catch a predator” in 2007 but he beat the charges due to a technicality. His name is Brandon Stevens.He lives at 168 st nelson ave bronx new york 10452. Ph #646 684 2871. My family had alerted the authorities and they are currently conducting an inestigation. However he is already on Meagan’s list and this time there is no tangible proof other than my nieces case. This piece of shit nigger revels in his coonery! He brags about watching porn with small children on a hip hop blog daily!
    “Chea I like view porn
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    Fuck if turnin 3 nigga that’s 2 long”
    -one of this niggers raps

  10. Ashin' Kusher Says:

    SLR 2 is one of the worst tracks i’ve ever heard

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