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Video: Bishop Nehru ft. Aaron LaCrate – Appalled

Off Aaron LaCrate’s Milkcrate Athletics mixtape, out now.

Previously: Aaron LaCrate – Milkcrate Athletics (Mixtape) | Bishop Nehru ft. Aaron LaCrate – Appalled

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4 Responses to “Video: Bishop Nehru ft. Aaron LaCrate – Appalled”

  1. infared Says:

    lol perfect timing posting this up eskay.

    it’s not some deep, mystery on why times have changed.

    back in the rakim, krs-one, days their wasn’t as much money being thrown around. so rappers did it for the love. even in the 90′s their was still some money being thrown around and record sales were at a all time high so rappers could AFFORD to still be lyrical.

    in this day and age with all the piracy going on rappers main income is from touring. so in other words, you have to make shit people are going to want to hear at concerts/clubs. nobody wants to hear some lyrical conscience shit at the club/concerts lol waka flocka’s dumbass even admitted that’s why he don’t give a fuck about lyrics..

  2. Free J Says:

    niggas still care about lyrics…thats why all the artists actually selling have substance.

  3. Rajon Trondo Says:

    Trill if u ain’t submitting a beat I ain’t about to waste my time ..

    I got weed to smoke ..

    Is it on or off

  4. infared Says:

    it’s either be lyrical af and not sell out shows. or act short bus stupid and have shows every week(waka,gucci,french montana) it’s almost a catch 22. the trick is to be lyrical AND catchy at the same time. it’s hard to do though because our generation don’t like to do to much thinking. & the people who do think, do not critical think. their is a difference lol

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