Drake Covers XXL’s 150th Issue

Drake covers XXL’s 150th issue. I remember working on the 100th issue. Time flies. Hit the jump for a couple of excerpts from the cover story.

I remember coming into this year thinking, “How am I going to cut through all these people and shine?” I’ve never been part of a year when so many legends are dropping projects. How am I going to be seen? I’m going to be like the kid waving in the background in the photo with all of his tall relatives. And, I guess, those were my initial thoughts, and not to say that I haven’t enjoyed some of the stuff that has come out this year, but it didn’t pan out the way I thought it was going to. I think I am going for it, to really establish what are murmurs or things being said quietly, “Um, I think that Drake might actually…” On September 17th I want people to be like, “Oh, we were right.”

Do I think that if I didn’t have, for lack of a better term, a unique look about me, if I was from somewhere in America and if I hadn’t been on a kids TV show [Degrassi: The Next Generation], would I be as famous? I don’t know, man. Honestly, I don’t think so. I was just some young kid on a TV show. And I haven’t become anything else while I’ve been in this position. It’s not like I got here and was like, “Oh, got to switch up my image.” I don’t wake up nervous. I feel like maybe a lot of these guys do. How old are you, really? What is your background, really? What have you really done in the drug game, in the thug game?

It’s tough for me. That’s a guy I can’t pretend not to like. He’s the guy to me, in a lot of ways. That’s Kanye West. But I’m also here to be the best. I’m here to surpass. I’m here to outdo. I’m ready for whatever with anybody.

I get Jewish people coming up to me proud like, “Mazel Tov, bro. Come to my house for Shabbat dinner.”

I don’t even know who that is doing that or what that’s about. If that is her, I guess it’s a little weird and disturbing. It’s obviously a behavioral pattern that is way bigger than me. Whoever is behind it, whether it’s her or somebody else, they know people are paying attention so they keep it going.

Nothing Was The Same drops September 17th.

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17 Responses to “Drake Covers XXL’s 150th Issue”

  1. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    ”how he ghost writin for me!? i rap better than him!?”-nicki minaj

    lol. ransom got banged on.

  2. Gob Bluth Says:

    “I don’t wake up nervous. I feel like maybe a lot of these guys do. How old are you, really? What is your background, really? What have you really done in the drug game, in the thug game?”


    Drizzy >> Pac

  3. Casket Face Says:


  4. Casket Face Says:

    Drizz with the elongated Chris Bosh neck flow…ole George Washington portrait neck havin’ ass.

  5. b Says:

    Bsg >>>>>>drake



  6. kevfrescura de talco Says:

    damn them new jersey niggas stay gettin sonned by some bitch, huh?

    cOLD world.

  7. b Says:

    Drizzy >> Pac

    > Shit satin silk soft niggas type for 1000 alex.

  8. Casket Face Says:

    The fact that these white rappers are even mentioned on the front cover of these magazines are the reason I don’t be coppin’ them shit.

    Macklemore? This nigga will forever be Wierd Al Yankovich status to me …parody of Hip-Hop.

    Fuck wrong with yall giving these honkies acclaim. Robin Thicke, Yelawolf, MGK, etc…

    What happen to the good ole days where these crackers got a 1/4 page mention next to the fake jewelry and sex pill ads?

  9. b Says:

    My nigga the only thing worse than your self portrait, is your family portrait.

  10. King James Says:


  11. King James Says:

    Get a lot of money you can never get enough

    OVOXO your girl at my next show

  12. Casket Face Says:

    When they tell our story in 70-80 years …Eminem will be the great white rapper who fought for racial equality from black tryrants in hip-hop and paved the way for Macklemore.

    …College historians on Hip-Hop we rewrite that shit, with stories of how he rose from the slums of Detroit’s 8mile and went on to defeat the great mogul Benzino liberating whites who couldn’t drink out the black water fountains at dive bars.

    Them honkies take everything and you stupid niggers let them have talkmbout “how we gon’ change if we don’t?”…

  13. Gob Bluth Says:

    lol it’s true

    i was an eminem fan for a while, back when he was decent but he has done more harm than good

  14. cOLD Says:

    Just to clear up that Ransom shit. Doing verses for nicki doesn’t mean ghost writing it means sendin in HIS verse for a mixtape her project

  15. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    damn them new jersey niggas stay gettin sonned by some bitch, huh?

    cOLD world.

    ^ha knew this was comin lol

  16. Casket Face Says:

    Black men have literally gave this country every idea or invention that we utilize world wide.

    What kills me the most is how far Dj’ing has come and how HONKIES, PINK FLESH, HEGEMONIC GLOBULES OF DESTRUCTION, SOULESS, CULTURLESS muthafuckas just took from it and made it white and NO BLACKS ALLOWED.

    Tiesto, Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia and all those other HONKIES have NO IDEA about the history of Dj’ing and how a black man made that shit possible through innovation. Nor do the Jersey Shore, MTV, Glee, American Idol etc crackers that I wish fall ill and die…they have NO IDEA.

    I hate white people when ever I see one I have violent thoughts of rage and aggression at the fact they have the audacity to EXIST without rectifying the wrong their people have cause…but CONTINUE to benefit from our destruction.

    And you bitch niggas let them.

  17. infared Says:

    i can respect the fact that drake is himself. he doesn’t try and be a super thug, which is what makes him authentic. however, if he ever starts rapping like a gangster he will be called out immediately. drake is smart though, he knows he’s not about that life so he avoids beefs.

    lol @ the 2pac comparison though..

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