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Video: Rich Boy ft. Doe B, Playboi Lo & Smash – Pimp On

Rich Boy finally gets around to dropping a video off Break The Pot.

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5 Responses to “Video: Rich Boy ft. Doe B, Playboi Lo & Smash – Pimp On”

  1. tHe kiD fRanKiE Says:

    .& da reason I ain’t email dis shit cuz RealTalk I believe it woulda ended up here in some form or anotha anyway lol
    …but by een typin that….wouldn’t you be guilty of same offense

    Cuz in actuality u speakin of offline shit and puttin it in here soooooooooo

    I have never discussed anything said offline in here

    I’m appalled you tryna include me in your indictment

    Ima leave it at that

  2. Free J Says:

    @cold – it was I jus emailed him. Honestly, the only reason I admitted to the mask thing was I didn’t care…I’m a computer guy, unless u have the program it’s not that simple to jus get the ips. Most ppl have dynamic ips so that shit switches and can’t be traced unless u got emails from commentors that are linked to this site.

    A1 cool and I don’t see me and him havin issues. I ain’t gonna say shit about someone ELSE that they confided in me…me and him cool, like most the ppl here. I don’t jus put ppl on blast for no reason and personal gain.

  3. Free J Says:

    Any how…I jus wanted to clear that up b4 niggas start assuming shit…cold u got an email? As I told others I’m a fall back cuz I’m bout to fly out to va shoot these vids, finish my cd etc. won’t be commentin as much, me big Seth, m Lito and hopefully bsk doing some things too.

    Ill check back later, peace.

  4. A-1 Says:


    I was stated my opinion on tryna use confidential emails 2 one up niggas in dis online beef shit & take da heat off themselves bout dat mask shit smfh I ain’t neva masked up neva will but @ da end of da day niggas shouldn’t care dat much ANYFUCCNWAY! I mean it’s jus a comment section of a fuccn blog dawg lmfao but we STILL cool no drama @ ALL! Now I’m ghost 4 real

  5. A-1 Says:

    Rich Boy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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