D.Prince – Loser

D.Prince, formerly of the Fresh Vetz, over Beck’s “Loser”.

“Loser is probably one of the deepest records on CFRN, and definitely one of my favorites because It gave me an opportunity to tell stories which is what I love to do. I’ve long been against bullying, it’s a serious problem that young people face each and every day around the world. Whether you’re black, white, straight, gay etc. Kids can be mean, I was a victim of it as a child and now I finally have a chance to speak about. please visit http://www.friendmovement.com/ to help raise awareness about bullying. The song is also about Interracial dating, another factor that we as a people deal with but never really talk about. I’ve always dated outside my race since I was a teen, and we’re in an era now where its cool to do that but there’s still behind the scenes racism going on. We need to dead that and teach our kids to be color blind. We’re all the same, If you cut me I’m going to bleed just like the next person. Everything starts with the parents and how they’re raising these kids, everything they instill in you is what you carry with you throughout life. This song is dedicated to them….The ones that are a victim of society, the ones whos parents gave them the wrong upbringings…The Losers!”

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2 Responses to “D.Prince – Loser”

  1. ***biggumskiller*** Says:

    This is b’s theme song

  2. infared Says:

    lol amongst others

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